We provide a wide variety of dental services for patients of all ages. Contact us today to find out how we can keep your smile bright and healthy.

Dental Exams

All patients should have dental exams twice a year. During these exams, we will evaluate your teeth and gums to ensure optimal mouth health.

Digital X-Rays

X-Rays help us detect tooth decay and other oral health problems, as well as determine tooth and root positions. We will notify you ahead of time if you are to be scheduled for a digital X-Ray.


Tooth cleanings should go hand in hand with dental exams. Our skilled team of hygienists will ensure your teeth are the healthiest they can be by taking care of the tartar, plaque, and staining that regular brushing can’t remove.


A dental filling is used to repair minimal tooth fractures, decay, or other damage. Fillings can also allow for better biting or chewing and result in healthy, attractive, and pain-free teeth.

Root Canals

A root canal may be needed when damage is done to the inside of your tooth, and is done by cleaning out the damaged ‘canals’ of your tooth’s ‘roots.’ The resulting space is filled with special materials which restore the tooth without needing an extraction.


Dr. Ferrage provides sophisticated tooth extraction procedures designed to preserve your oral health while also minimizing any discomfort. For more information on tooth extractions, contact our office today.

Emergency Dentistry

Our staff is ready to assist you with any dental emergency. For emergency services, please call us immediately at (504) 454-1893.

We also offer the following services and procedures for your dental needs:

  • Dental Implant Restorations
  • Scaling/Root planing (deep cleanings)
  • Cosmetics
  • Crowns/Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Partials
  • TMD (Jaw Pain and Nightguards)
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Dr. Ferrage